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BMM Weston Laundry Division

Ironer in action

Available in the UK, Europe, China & the rest of the world

Commercial Laundry Equipment, Flatwork Ironers and Rotary Pressors, UK

BMM Weston Laundry has supplied a range of laundry finishing equipment for almost 50 years. BMM Weston Laundry manufacture high quality and cost effective finishing equipment for laundries, hotels, hospitals, prisons and dry cleaners and have distibutors on every continent. They have recently been working closely with Castic SMP Machine Corporation in the emerging Chinese market.

From small local laundries to nationwide laundry services we have a flexible range to suit all requirements. We supply a complete and diverse range of cleaning, drying, finishing and pressing equipment, many of which can be tailored and designed for your specific requirements.

The Laundry Range

500 Return-feed Ironer

Return feed ironers
BMM Weston are proud to offer this quality compact ironer. Ideal for smaller premises the 500 return feed ironer can process at up to 5 metres per minute and thanks to the return feed system can be placed in the tightest of locations maximising laundry productivity.

Available in widths varying from 1.75 to 3 metres. Oil, Gas, Electric and Steam powered versions available

500 Return-feed Ironer

Deep chested ironers
BMM Weston boast a portfolio of flatwork ironers which range from a 600mm diameter single roll to a 1300mm diameter rolled leviathon capable of running at speeds of up to 52 metres per minute. Thanks to their diverse specifications you can find a BMM Weston flatwork ironer to suit any customers requirements. Available to customers throughout the world.

Available in 600, 850, 1050 and 1300mm roll diameters with widths varying from 2.5 to 4 metres
Oil, Gas, Electric and Steam powered versions available

Dupress 62

'Dupress' Rotary Press
BMM Weston have been manufacturing the Dupress since the 1960's and thanks to the simple and robust design many of the orignal machines are still in operation today. They employ an efficent two table system which alternatively feeds a single heated, polished pressing head. This system allows one table to be pressed while the other is being laid for the next operation. Each rotation and press is controlled by a simple press of the conveniently located foot pedal. Available to customers throughout the world.

Avaliable with 62, 65 and 66 inch tables
Thermal Fluid, Electric and Steam heated versions available

Tunnel Finisher

Tunnel Finishers
In addition to the flatwork ironer range BMM Weston are the proud manufacturer of tunnel finishers. The hot air/steam finishing tunnels are ideal for drying and finishing synthetic/cotton garments, conditioning dry cleaned garments prior to pressing or reconditioning new garments prior to distribuition. Available to customers throughout the world.

Available in 450, 650, 1250 and 'mini' models

Shirt Finisher in action

Shirt Finishing Systems
BMM Weston are the proud and exclusive distributor of the Unipress range of shirt finishing equipment. Using their knowledge and experience Unipress have developed a broad range of machinery capable of finshing all types of garment to the highest of standards. Offering tensioning-style finishers, shirt presses, collar and cuff presses and sleever units all your shirt finihsing requirements will be covered by our range. Exclusive to UK customers.

Available machines include V3 tensioning finisher, Lightning AP range of shirt units, collar & cuff presses, sleever units and many more

SLZ Legger

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Presses
In addition to the shirt finishing equipment manufactured by US company Unipress, BMM Weston also market and distribute their range of laundry and dry cleaning presses. Suitable for finshing all garments to exceptional standards the Unipress range is a must for any laundry who pride themselves on providing efficient and faultless laundry or dry cleaning service. Exclusive to UK customers.

Available machines include tensioning style finishers, standard presses, trouser top finishers and many more

Unica washer extractors

Industrial Washer Extractors
In conjunction with Unica BMM Weston offer a reliable and efficient range of washer-extractors. Available in single and three pocket models with capacities of up to 300kg the Unica range is ideal for a range of applications. Front load and rear unload two-door washers are available in order to keep clean disinfected and dirty loads entirely seperate. Tilting models are also available to facilitate automated loading/unloading systems. Exclusive to UK customers.

Products range from 30kg capacity single pocket units to 300kg 3-pocket machines

Nationwide maintenance and service team
In addition, our support services range from equipment installation and commissioning to staff training, supply spare parts and maintenance cover. With a close understanding of our market and an extensive manufacturing facility, we are strongly positioned to provide well designed and engineered solutions to the Laundry industry World Wide.

All equipment is designed and manufactured to BSEN ISO 9001 : 2000.

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