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BMM Weston's DOMUS Laundry Equipment

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BMM Weston's Domus range is a key part of the BMM Weston laundry equipment catalogue. The Domus range has been developed through 80 years experience in the laundry manufacturing industry and they offer solid, reliable and quality laundry equipment at affordable prices.

Tough, Durable & Efficient
Perfect for in-house laundry operations (including hotels, care homes etc.) as well as small and medium sized laundry establishments, the Domus range covers all of you and your customers laundry finishing needs. With equipment ranging from washer extractors through to tumble dryers and folder ironers the Domus range has it all.

Machine Range

Semi industrial laundry machines

Semi industrial laundry machines
Perfectly designed for reliable and efficient small load requirements. A range of highly efficient washer extractors, dryers and combi washer-dryers. With load capacities of 5 and 8 kgs the Domus Semi industrial range is pefect for high use, low capacity applications. Available in electric, token and coin operated versions.


DFi High speed washer extractors
A range of washer extractors to fulfil the needs of the most demanding professionals. With versions ranging from 10 to 57 kgs and also offering a variety of control options the DFi range is suitable for almost any installation. Key features include a wide loading door, an energy saving inverter drive and stainless steel body, drum and surround.


S Tumble dryers
The latest technology for excellent drying. The S range of tumble dryers are available in analogue and digital models with capacities ranging from 11 to 85 kgs. All models (excluding Eco versions) boast a direct drive system, Easyclean filter and reversible rotation. Machines can be purchased in Electric, Gas and Steam models for easy integration into any existing set-up. Coin and Token boxes are available as additional option.


ASA Pass-thru washer extractors
The latest technology for complete hygiene. This range of washer extractors is designed to avoid any contamination of the cleaned linen. Dirty linen is loaded into one end of the machine with the clean load removed at the other through a second door. Models boast a programmable microprocessor and stainless steel bodywork, drum and panels.


W Low spin washer
Designed for maximum efficiency and maximum economy. The W Low spin washers are specificially designed with economy in mind. Offering a 500 rpm spin the W machines can use as little as 1 kW of electricity in it's steam guise. The microprocessor offers 4 to 16 washing programmes, visual display and four soap dispensers. Available in hot water, electric and steam guises in capacities ranging from 10 to 27 kg.


CB Hydro-exctractors
Maximum extraction technology. The CB Hydro-extractors boast a 1500 rpm spin to reduce the residual moisture to 40-45% by centrifugal force. With drum capactities of 10 and 17 kg the CB machines are an essential extraction tool for any premises. They are also economical with power ratings of 0.6 and 1.1 kW on the 10 and 17 kg models respectively. All models include a stainless steel drum and surround, an automatic brake, timer and a door safety mechanism.

The extended range

...more from the Domus range
The complete Domus range. As well as the highest quality washing and drying equipment BMM Weston's Domus machines offer a complete range of finishing equipment. From roll ironers through to ironing tables and form finishers the Domus range offers it all.

Additional machines include: Mural roll ironers, Flatwork ironers, Ironing tables, Steam boxes, Combined folder-ironers and linen transport elements

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